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Ayurveda is an ancient healing modality based on balancing the elements in the body. If I am too damp, I need to dry out. If I am too hot, I need to cool down. If I am drying up, I need nourishment. If I am cold, I need warmth. Balancing the body is something we already do every day; Ayurveda simply takes it to a deeper, more holistic level.


The lymphatic system is the main focus of Ayurvedic Bodywork. If the lymph is blocked, the immune system cannot function properly, and all bodily systems become affected. Fortunately, the lymph can shift quite quickly; after one session, I can see and feel a difference in the body. There are many different bodywork techniques, herbal medicines, foods, and even emotional processes that help support this return to balance, and I am learning more every day.

I am also deeply passionate about Women's Health and Embodiment. I am always so grateful be a part of a woman's journey to expand her awareness and experience of her own body, especially since, historically, we have been shamed from doing so. I offer breast massage, abdominal and digestive care, uterine alignments, prenatal and postpartum bodywork, and yoni steaming. Learn more about my offerings below.

I am in awe of the healing potential of Ayurveda and Women's Health practices and am so excited to share them with you!

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Women's Health Practices

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