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For many years I have been intrigued by the power of loving touch. I have found that receiving this kind of touch - with no other agenda than to honor, to hold, and to nurture - helps me to get out of my mind and into the visceral feeling of my body, opening to levels of healing that were previously unknown or inaccessible.

Touch conveys feelings and expressions that are beyond words, and that depth of communication is powerfully unique. Whether easing pain, cultivating pleasure, or simply holding each other in support and love, touch is extremely potent for me. Connecting with others in this way brings joy and purpose into my life, and I am so grateful I get to offer this in my professional practice. 


I grew up with sisters and deeply cherish my relationships with women and the healing container that we can provide for each other. I am passionate about helping women access deeper levels of self-connection; as I have been lovingly held through my own explorations of pain and fear, so I wish to hold others in that same way. The empowered, embodied woman will change the world, and I can imagine nothing better than to support that transformation.

I believe the journey of healing is the most potent and interesting thing I can be doing with my life, whether that is through planting a garden to heal the earth, practicing permaculture, telling the truth, engaging in ceremony, singing, dancing, grieving, building community, exploring sexuality, meditation, plant medicine, massage... what a miracle it is to be alive, on this tiny planet in the middle of the universe!

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