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I understand that massage is not a replacement for medical care. The practitioner does not diagnose medical illness, disease, or other physical or mental conditions. The practitioner may recommend referral to a qualified health care provider for any physical or emotional conditions I may have. I have stated all known conditions and take it upon myself to keep the practitioner updated on my health.


I understand that I may at any time ask my practitioner to avoid touching specific areas of my body, or to stop touching said areas after she has begun massaging these areas. I understand that I can discontinue the treatment at any time and for any reason. I can do this by asking with words, or by slapping the table, or by touching her hand/arm.

I understand that my practitioner keeps records of my personal healthcare information which she will not/may not share with anyone else, unless I request that she do so or she is compelled/authorized to do so by the state law. I may ask my practitioner to see my records, or make copies of them if needed.


I understand that my practitioner’s time is valuable, and therefore if I need to cancel or reschedule my session, I will give at least 24 hours notice. If I cancel or reschedule my session with less that 24 hours notice, I will pay my practitioner in full for the session.

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