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The Breast Care Clinic is offered on a specific day: check my homepage for the next Clinic date. These condensed sessions are 30 minutes long, focusing on women's health. 

Sliding Scale $45-$90

Breast Care Includes:

-Using different tools such as gua shas, cups, warm compresses and massage techniques to move the lymph and soften the breast tissue

-Checking the breast tissue for cysts and possibly cancerous lumps, learning how to identify each of these things and how to gently drain a cyst on your own

-Support for breastfeeding mothers

-Education about the breasts, including self-care techniques to help cultivate and maintain healthy breast tissue and greater body awareness

-Tending to the nourishment and sacredness of the feminine body with touch, oils, scents and sounds. 

Additionally, I am learning how to locate and align the uterus from my teacher, Deanna Batdorff. I am happy to practice this technique with you during the Breast Care Clinic.

Womb Care Includes:

-Checking the position of the uterus and, if it is out of place, moving it back into its proper position with abdominal bodywork 


-Self-care techniques to maintain the proper position of the uterus


A misaligned uterus can cause many disruptive symptoms, such as pain during menstruation, dark stagnant blood, fertility issues, hormonal imbalances, prolapse, etc. It can also affect the emotional and mental state of the woman. Aligning the uterus can begin to shift these symptoms towards a greater state of health. 

If you are interested attending the Breast Care Clinic, please contact me to schedule your session.

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