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The destiny of the wholeness of the human race falls to the Sisterhood because all things are born of woman.

- Jamie Sams


This technique is focused on the physical and energetic alignment of the female pelvis, which can often be out of balance from tension, childbirth, physical and/or sexual traumas, anxiety, shame, and general disconnect with one's female body. With gentle intravaginal massage and guided breathwork, we will work together to enhance the flow of the pelvic energy and restore pelvis as the creative center of your body. 

This work can help alleviate symptoms of postpardum healing, irregular and painful periods, pain or numbness during sex, fibroids, chronic pain, incontinence, and many other pelvic issues. It can help enhance fertility and the connection to one's sexuality. Many women share that after receiving this work they feel more grounded and connected to their pelvic bowl, more energetic and physical flow, less tension, and a sense of coming home to the body. 


NOTE: Intravaginal massage is only legal in Oregon at this time. I am currently involved with a group of LMT’s who are working to change these laws in Washington. If you live in Washington, we will focus more on the energetics and the guided meditation aspect of this work, which is still potent medicine.  

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